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Thank you for being a sponsor! The Jr Artist Program is an unassociated Non- Profit Charity. We rely on donations from the community, local businesses, and various organizations. With your generous contribution, we are able to host top tier all inclusive  camps, workshops, and field trips throughout the year - at no cost to young ladies in our community ages 11-19. All races and an of various backgrounds. Our events are specifically themed to target current matters of the world, while incorporating positive reinforcement - through the use of art, education, and healthy activities. 


Again, we truly thank you making a HUGE impact in the lives of our youth. Their future depends on US. The Jr Artist Program, it's founder, Board, and staff - promise to use all funds raised, to ensure the quailty of our program. We promise to be effective, professional, compassionate, and faithful to the cause. Our mission is to educate, create, and inspire!


Thank you, 

Saneequa "Mrs.Neenee" Barlow, Founder


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